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Mint Joins Deluxe Trend In Phuket - The Nation ...

(Bangkok Newsroom; Editing by Sunil Nair) FILED UNDER: Reprints We welcome comments which advance the story by relevant opinion, anecdotes, hyperlinks and information. If you see a comment which you believe is irrelevant or inappropriate, we can flag it to our editors by utilizing the http://jaketpolos27352.soup.io/ report abuse hyperlinks. Views indicated in the comments never represent those of Reuters. For more information about the comment policy, see http://blogs.reuters.com/fulldisclosure/2010/09/27/toward-a-more-thoughtful-conversation-on-stories/

Robin Speed's insight: Are you presently sure you need to delete this scoop? Yes No Asia Property Report Market round-up Asia Property Report Russian plus Chinese buyers are the predominant buyers of Phuket attributes according to Knight Frank Phuket, though those who purchase mid to high-end attributes inside Phuket are investors... Robin Speed's insight: Are you certain you need to delete this scoop? Yes No MINT joins luxury trend in Phuket The Nation Minor's Bill Heinecke has been a lead proponent of deluxe hotel-branded residences, with very successful offerings at the St Regis Bangkok and Four Seasons Koh Samui. Robin Speed's insight: SE Asia Stocks-Thai shares rebound; Singapore property stocks fall Reuters BANGKOK, March 19 (Reuters) - Thai shares rose about Wednesday because investors purchased large caps and tourism-related stocks following the government lifted a state of emergency in...

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