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Apartment Building Further Improves An East Kensington Block | Naked Philly

Be sure to add a salad! Pizza Night: Instead of ordering pizza for you and your roomies, save some dough and make it yourself. Pre-made pizza crust, canned sauce and pre-sliced veggies from the salad bar make for an easy fix. While the pizza is baking, make a fresh salad.

61% of the Jeddah population is living in apartments (note that this is not necessarily 61% of electricity use). According to the Saudi Arabian census that was conducted in 2004, the latest census for Jeddah, 61% of the Jeddah population is living in apartments. The total number of apartments in Jeddah is 367,000. According to the Jeddah municipality, the city will need around 953,000 housing units by the end of 2029. By analyzing the energy use of an existing residential apartment, the information gathered can help inform the new housing units that might be constructed to accommodate the expansion of Jeddah. This has the potential to lead to more energy efficient housing options that can reduce the electricity consumption of buildings in Saudi Arabia. Comparing Wall Constructions One of the many analyses conducted in the project was to determine if an alternative wall construction would improve building energy use, more specifically, what would the impact of insulation be. For most of the year, Jeddah is considered a hot and humid climate. As a result, Jeddah is a cooling dominated climate, and understanding how to reduce cooling loads will have the greatest impact on decreasing energy use. The existing building does not have any kind of wall insulation. The existing wall construction consists of three layers: exterior cement plaster, hollow red clay brick, and interior cement plaster. Existing wall assembly in the apartment building.

They offer over 12,000 pieces in seven permanent collections ranging from African Art to Modern and Contemporary Art. They also have a number of exhibitions on a rumah dijual urbanindo variety of themes, one of which is their Go West exhibition. Source: High.org The Go West exhibition at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta runs from now until April 13th, 2014 and offers 250 works of art that show the evolution of Americas Western expansion. On loan from the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, this exhibition includes paintings, photos, artifacts, and sculptures surrounding the theme of westward expansion spanning 100 years between 1830 and 1930. Immerse yourself in the beauty surrounding one of Americas most influential times in regards to cultural development. For more information about apartments and museums in Atlanta in Buckhead please contact us at The Reserve at Lenox Park .

Take, for example, the 2000 block of E. Fletcher St. a few years ago. In the past Just a couple of years ago, this block contained a handful of homes, a stalled project, some blighted buildings, and a solid dose of vacant land. But time has been kind to this block. The stalled project finished last year , and contains apartments that listed for rent at $2,100/mo.

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